This is a place for women of all ages to come for encouragement in living a full, joyful life. A place for  encouraging people to love themselves, feel good wherever they are in their life, and enjoy every minute they have. I hope to inspire and encourage all women to live the best life possible. Your best life!

If you are interested in mindfulness, organization, learning to love yourself, food/cooking, beauty & self care, and travel you have found the right place!


Hi, I’m Jennifer, the voice behind this blog. I love to cook, entertain, travel, read, write, and spend time with my family. I am also a huge movie and television buff. I have been married to a wonderful man for 21 years. We have two daughters, and together we run a small theatre which was founded by my parents 51 years ago.

I was born & raised in Kalamazoo and lived here all my life. I have always had a love of travel and adventure. While not able to travel much growing up, I was fortunate enough to meet a man with a great passion for travel. During our more than 25 years together, we have traveled the almost the entire country by car. Both my husband and I and our two daughters have set foot in 46 of the 50 states. Maybe I’ll make 50 by the time I’m 50? #Goals!

I love music, movies, tv and books. I love to entertain and play games with my friends and family. I love great food and enjoy cooking as well as a nice meal out. I struggle with my weight and fitness level, but work hard to remain body positive.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy being here!